Trump Body Bags
The surge in deaths of US residents from the coronavirus COVID-19 since February has been a shock to us all. The shock is compounded when hospitals are confronted with more bodies than local morgues can handle.

Often the deceased are simply loaded onto trucks and wheeled away to an uncertain fate. (Remind you of Soylent Green, does it?)

Here at Trump Body Bags we feel your pain. And like our national leaders, we're taking bold, decisive action. In fact, many people are saying this is the greatest response ever to a surfeit of bodies and that no one has seen such quick action before.

For a limited time you can avoid the ignominy of having a member of your family trundled off to eternity wrapped only in a bedsheet. Instead, make plans now to specify transportation in a Trump Body Bag

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Hospital orderlies loading corpses onto truck in Brooklyn New York, March 2020.
Don't let this happen to your loved ones!

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